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Our one firm approach makes it possible for people and ideas to move freely across offices, national boarders and teams.  Business consulting has its origins in the work done in the United States by Frederick W. Taylor and his disciples at the turn of the century. Taylor, a young engineer, devised a philosophy and system of production management. His book, The Principles of Scientific Management, converted what had been a technique into a systematic, teachable approach to the study of work and its rational organization.


Other figures who contributed their thinking to management theory include the German theorists Weber, Simmel, and Schmalenbach; Schumpeter in Austria, who wrote about technical innovation, marketing, and long-range planning in his book The Theory of Economic Development; Walter Rathenau, a German author who concerned himself with the impact of large organizations on modern society; Elton Mayo, an Australian, who made an empirical study of the individual in the factory community and in the industrial organization; Harrington Emerson and Frank Gilbreth, whose effective use of motion pictures in romoting the ideas of work simplification and time-and-motion studies contributed to the development of the emerging field of scientific management.


Today, management consultants range from boutiques to large firms with several thousand professionals. Consulting firms differ in the type of work they do, e.g., systems management, market assessments, new product development, strategy and organization, as well as in their objectives, e.g., solutions, implementation, capability building. Some consultants work with functional specialists or division heads, others with top management.


In 1991, after  years as a member of a public accounting, Wiley Bernard Kyles decided to start his own firm to give financial and management advice to corporations. It was unique compared to the accounting and management engineering firms of its day in its focus on top management. This perspective required consultants to address specific problems (e.g., pricing, distribution, outsourcing) in the context of industry structure, competitive possibilities, and the integration of functional departments.


Despite our scale and diversity, our common values have allowed us to operate as a single firm throughout the tri-state. Everywhere our mission is the same - to help our clients make substantial and lasting improvements in their performance and to build a firm that is able to attract, develop, excite, motivate and retain exceptional people. As a result, we can call, with remarkable ease and efficiency, on the experience and expertise of W. BERNARD KYLES & CO., INC. consultants all over the tri-state.


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